SLH Agenda

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Draft Agenda for Organising Meeting 11.12.12
1. Apologies; Iain Wilson, Helmut Heib, A.N. Other
2. Workplaces list for South London Press photographer to visit on 13.12.12 with contact names and mobile numbers for Lewisham Day of Action (Louise Irvine OR Eleanor Davies OR Bill Jeffries on behalf of Helmut Heib)
3. Pushing the vigil action 13.12.12: leaflets remaining, electronic building of the protest etc. (Louise Irvine
4. Christmas cards to Lewisham Hospital A & E from the population of Lewisham (Any takers to organise?) 
5. SLH proposed action for Saturday 12.01.13 or Saturday 19.01.13 or any other proposed date in January 2013. (Louise Irvine)
6. Every Wednesday 1 p.m. Lewisham Hospital protest - developments / assistance from SLH Campaign?
    Assistance for the Hospital Workers' Group following 10.12.12 meeting?
    (Matt Collins / Anita Downs)
7. All London NHS action February 2013: Is the group OK with 16.02.13 all London NHS action? What do you want to do as a group for the all London action - local initiative or an all London demonstration? (Louise Irvine on behalf of Helmut Heib
See the submission from Matt Collins, Maggie Palmer, Tim Parkin's RE: their proposal to be discussed at the same time - see their statement below.
See the submission from Helmut Heib below.
8. Boycott Barclays Bank initiative (John Hamilton)
9. Judicial review co-ordinator (Any takers to organise?)
10. Report back from Lewisham Council on their Extra Special Meeting RE: Lewisham Hospital on 10.12.12. How does SLH Campaign now move forward with this?  (Labour councillor)
11. Christmas social get together - Ravensbourne pub, Lewisham High Street, Tuesday 18.12.12 19:00 onwards? (Louise Irvine on behalf of Helmut Heib )
12. Next organising meeting Tuesday 11.01.13 at Waldron Health Centre 19:00 - please confirm OK with the group (Louise Irvine)

Proposal for 16th February Day of Action (Matt Collins, Maggie Palmer, Tim Parkin)

Last Thursday a joint campaign meeting in Parliament chaired by Andy Slaughter MP discussed a London wide day of action on 16th Feb 2013 to bring together the different NHS campaigns across London.

There was suggestions of either a central London demo or a series of co-ordinated local demos in the areas campaigning to save local hospitals and stop health cuts and closures.

We feel that the best way to mobilise the greatest number of people would be to call demonstrations locally on the same day.

The strength of the NHS campaigns so far has been their ability to mobilise huge numbers of people in the areas that are threatened by hospital cuts and closures

We need to build on this while at the same time linking up with other campaigns. The huge demo in Lewisham last month comes after a huge demo in Ealing. There have also been demos in Woolwich, Hammersmith and Manchester in defense of the NHS

It is vital that we link up with other campaigns while at the same time building on the strength of the fantastic Lewisham demo

 A co-ordinated day of action with thousands marching across London and beyond is the best way to send a message to Jeremy Hunt and the Government that we will not stand for the wholesale destruction of the NHS.

Matt Collins – trade union liaison, Save Lewisham A&E campaign (pc)

Maggie Palmer – Joint UNITE rep, Kaliedoscope Youth Services (pc)

Tim Parkin – Lewisham UNISON local Government
Proposal for 16th February Day of Action (Helmut Heib)


Feelings at the meeting chaired by Andy Slaughter were mixed. Some worried that if we call an all London NHS demo in central London we won't be able to mobilise the same numbers compared to our local areas. We don't want to end up with 2,000 people in central London. I agree with this sentiment. Others said 'we have already had 3 demos in Ealing, will they come out again for an Ealing demo?'. I also agree with this statement.
In my view I have to ask myself a difficult question: What is the purpose of another local demo in Lewisham, Ealing or elsewhere? What will a second demo in Lewisham or a fourth demo in Ealing achieve? What would be the political target to march on? Would it worry Hunt, Cameron or Kershaw?
In my view we need to call an all London, central London demo and get everyone behind the demo. There is a risk it could be small however with the resources we have available and the depth of feeling that exists we need to take the political fight to the seat of Government itself. A demo which terminates at Parliament Square. We should pepper the weeks leading up to an all London demo with local actions such as car cavalcades in our local areas to build the confidence and the mood of people to join an all London demo.
If there is not the confidence for an all London demo what about 50 car cavalcades from each area descending from Ealing, Hammersmith, north west London and Lewisham to converge on Parliament Square backed up with a massive static protest or short march down Whitehall to Parliament Square to finish with a static protest greeting a massive car cavalcade? A decent PA in Parliament Square and a vision to building further action from the 16th February?
There are dangers both ways - what if local demos on the 16th are poorly attended? Where would that leave half a dozen cross London campaigns? I believe we need to think whole London action but build in the locality leading up to a central London demo.