Our History

  • Held regular and ad hoc organising meetings to decide on future actions since February 2011.
  • Lobbied the BMA doctors' organisation all London February 2011 meeting to try to persuade them to oppose Lansley's Health & Social Care Bill - at the end of November 2011 after much further campaigning across the country by many people the BMA has finally committed to complete opposition to the Health & Social Care Bill. 
  • Organised a strong public meeting in Lewisham to raise awareness of Lansley's privatisation plans in his Health and Social Care Bill in March 2011.
  • Organised a street theatre action to build a supporters' database for a local 'defend our NHS' campaign in March / April 2011.


  • Leafleted Deptford Market, Lewisham Market & Lewisham Hospital to build a presence in the borough and reach out to health workers, patients and members of the public who want to get involved in the fight to defend our NHS in April / May 2011.


  • Collected signatures for pro NHS petitions on an onging basis.


  • Helped build local demos and all London 'defend our NHS' demonstrations from February 2011 to the present.


  • Put pressure on neighbouring MP through organising a constituency surgery lobby of Simon Hughes, whose Liberal Democrat party is sleep-walking into destroying the NHS in the spring of 2011 and February 2012.


  • Marched as Lewisham KONP on the May and July 2011 all London NHS demos.
  • Launched the Lambeth Keep Our NHS Public branch in June 2011.


  • Organised an all day KONP stall at Lewisham People's Day July 2011 to raise awareness of the forthcoming privatisation of the NHS.


  • Attended the "Block Westminster Bridge for the NHS" demo on Sunday 9th October 2011.


  • Organised a picket of Lansley outside BBC's Question Time, in October 2011 for the full story click here .


  • Key Lewisham KONP activists part organised a picket of Lansley at Cameron's sham NHS summit at Downing Street on 20th February 2012 - the protest made the front page of BBC news online and the front page of the Daily Mirror the following day. See the Mirror article here.


  • Organised a February 2012 lobby of MP Simon Hughes attended by at least 30 supporters including the Strawberry Thieves choir, our very own sound system, the 'ConDem Health Lottery' game - and drew the signatures of 160 Bermondsey residents in less than 2 hours, more than one signature every 60 seconds for our open letter to Simon Hughes against the Health and Social Care Bill. Full story click here.
  • Lewisham KONP activists returned to LibDem MP Simon Hughes' constituency office on 10th March 2012 to gain more  support from his constituents against the Health & Social Care Bill.
  • Organised a leafleting of the Virgin London Marathon in April 2012 to raise awareness of how Virgin will profit from the privatisation of our NHS. Full story click here.
  • Helped to co-found the Save Lewisham Hospital campaign in September 2012 along with other NHS campaigning organisations in Lewisham.


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