Lewisham Nurse Highlights Children's Wards May Close...

Are we all aware of what Kershaw has hidden in blurry images on page 70 - 71? ( see here ) Just thought I should outline my understanding because I've only just twigged.  And I found leaflets went a lot quicker when I told people children's wards were going, presumably they were parents. Also see here for more evidence. All the nice old buildings to be sold off for £17 million.


A&E becomes Urgent Care Centre (there is an 'urgent care centre' at QEH, where I work.  It's out of hours GP + a couple of 'emergency nurse practioners'.  It's nothing more than a GP surgery with an X-ray machine and quick blood results).

Children's wards, closed

Emergency and complex surgery, no more

Maternity - Either it goes, or it stays, but without emergency critical care nearby... So only low-risk pregnancies allowed, in a population with lots of health problems.  And it may well cause people to home birth, rather than use the hospital, so it'd eventually close anyway.

Critical Care Unit - gone

Basically, what'll be left is all lucrative to the private sector.  When they merge trusts, they could start the work on privatising it all.

Just thought I should make this clear.  I can't bring myself to read the rest of it, but apparently there's £39million of staff cuts at South London Trust.