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NHS Campaign Moves Forward with Unite and in Hackney

Motion passed calling on Unite to campaign against Stephen Bubb’s role in NHS privatisation


Unite the union’s National Industrial Sector Committee covering 53000 voluntary sector workers in 10 regions of the UK passed a motion on 17 October which calls on Unite to encourage members of the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations (ACEVO) to resign from that organisation.


The motion arises from Stephen Bubb’s reactionary role in leading the fight for the passing of the Health and Social Care Act with its principle of “Any Qualified Provider”– thus opening the door to private companies to take over vast tranches of the NHS.


See the full text of the Unite voluntary sector Stephen Bubb motion here.

See report on the motion in online magazine "Civil Society"


The next stage for the motion (before it is carried out) is to be voted on at Unite’s Executive Committee in December.


200 strong meeting called by Hackney Coalition to Save the NHS passed a “Community pledge” supporting local doctors to stand against privatisation of local health services



      City &Hackney’s community opposes NHS privatisation – because private companies value profits more highly than patient care.

           We will support our City and Hackney doctors and our Clinical Commissioning Group in every way possible to ensure our local health services  
remain democratically accountable to our local community, equally available to all of City and Hackney’s community, and free at the point of use.
           We ask our local council committees dealing with health issues to support them also.
           We ask the Labour party nationally to stand by their promise to repeal the Health & Social Care Act on entering office.
            In view of the privatisation initiatives carried out by the last Labour government, we ask the Labour party nationally to demonstrate their commitment to the NHS as a public service by immediately constructing, publicising and carrying out their strategy for reclaiming the NHS from private companies.


March with Hackney Coalition to Save the NHS on the TUC's 20 October march


Following our 200-strong meeting in opposition to NHS privatisation, Hackney Coalition to Save the NHS is meeting at 11 am on Saturday 20 October to go on the trade union march against the cuts.


We are meeting at the entrance to Unite House in Holborn, 128 Theobald's Road, Holborn, WC1X 8TN at 11 am - see location here.


Look for the Hackney Coalition to Save the NHS banner, or ring 07745 130 645.

Join hundreds of thousands of others from trade unions and communities across the UK to show the government that we will not accept the destruction of our NHS.


Hackney Coalition to Save the NHS


Wednesday 31 October 6.30 pm

London Fields Medical Centre

38-44 Broadway Market E8 4QJ


Bronwen Handyside

Hackney Coalition to Save the NHS