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More Than 700+ Meet in Lewisham To Save Our NHS

posted 16 Oct 2012, 14:40 by Lewisham KONP   [ updated 30 Dec 2012, 09:22 ]

The Lessof Auditorium, its overspill area and the Calabash centre in Lewisham hosted the biggest NHS meeting in Lewisham - bigger than many of us can ever remember. Speakers including 2 Labour MPs (Jim Dowd & Heidi Alexander) the Mayor Sir Steve Bullock, a UNISON steward, someone from the Save Our Local Hospitals campaign, an A & E worker alongside local GP Louise Irvine spoke from the platforms. Many people spoke from the floor.
Under the umbrella of the Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign local health campaigners came together to discuss the situation and the way forward. The heat, energy and enthsusiasm - along with anger was clear to those who attended. A unified fight to save our whole NHS from privatisation was a clear theme from the meeting. The attacks, underlined in the Trust Special Administrators' draft report, spell serious trouble for healthcare in south east London including leaving 1 A & E for 750,000 residents. Tens of thousands of flyers were distributed for the Lewisham NHS demo on 24th November. See what you can do by clicking here. Photos and video from the meetings on the 8th will be posted here shortly!

Lewisham KONP on TUC March 20th October 2012

posted 15 Oct 2012, 14:24 by Lewisham KONP   [ updated 23 Oct 2012, 07:38 ]

Many supporters of Lewisham KONP attended the TUC's 20th October march. A handful took part in the South London feeder march from the Imperial War Museum to join the main march while several others either joined KONP supporters alongside Unite Health union members near the front of the demonstration. The TUC inspired national demonstration attracted between 150,000 (TUC initial estimate) and 250,000 (The Guardian video report) protestors.

Informing Action @ Virgin London Marathon 22nd April 2012

posted 26 Apr 2012, 16:10 by Lewisham KONP   [ updated 26 Apr 2012, 16:22 ]

Around ten Lewisham KONP activists joined by Greenwich KONP intervened in the London Marathon at Greenwich. They donned Richard Branson masks, displayed a banner along with KONP placards and handed out a 3 figure number of glossy A5 leaflets warning spectators about Virgin's privatisation of our NHS.

Lobby of Simon Hughes Saturday 25th February 2012

posted 27 Feb 2012, 13:40 by Lewisham KONP   [ updated 26 Apr 2012, 16:19 ]

§  3 GPs, other health campaigners & a US citizen speak out against the destruction of the NHS.

§  Bermondsey residents sign our ‘Drop The Bill’ open letter to MP Simon Hughes at a rate greater than 1 person every 60 seconds


On Saturday 25th February Lewisham Keep Our NHS Public (Lewisham KONP) held a lobby of MP Simon Hughes outside of his constituency office in Bermondsey. Simon Hughes who, having previously promised in early 2011 to vote against the Health & Social Care Bill, voted for the privatisation of the NHS when the bill was last in parliament during the summer of 2011.


At least 30 people attended the Saturday lobby with the intention of personally urging Simon Hughes to drop the Health & Social Care Bill. Hughes cancelled his Saturday surgery clearly preferring not to confront the widespread opposition to the bill which he supports. The protest comprised of health campaigners, including 3 GPs, who spoke to the people of Bermondsey using Lewisham KONP’s sound system about the dangers of NHS privatisation, chiefly that this bill will destroy our universal NHS and will eventually usher in a US style health system. A video of one GP speaking can be viewed from the link at the bottom of this article. Other speakers included a US citizen now resident in Britain who told the people of Bermondsey she grew up in the 1980s without an NHS in America and recalled having to cross the Mexican border to buy medicine they could not afford in the USA. in less than 2 hours over 160 people of Bermondsey signed the open letter to Hughes urging him to drop the bill.


Protestors also made their intentions clear to join the central London NHS protests on 7th March urging the Government to drop the bill. Protests start from 1 p.m. and continue through into the evening including a march and rally, full details are available from our homepage.

N30 Strike NHS Action

posted 4 Dec 2011, 04:15 by Lewisham KONP   [ updated 27 Feb 2012, 13:42 ]

Lewisham KONP met the N30 central London strike march with a van decked in Keep Our NHS Public material at Aldwych while the marched streamed past for an hour and fifty minutes. Supporters also handed out a four figure number of leaflets highlighting the dangers of Lansley's Health and Social Care Bill to marchers and sold a handful of badges to raise funds for our local group. Our van generated a lot of interest from demonstrators and media reporters taking video and photographs. Owen Jones, author of Chavs, who wrote a book about the demonisation of the working class included our action in his 3 minute video which can be viewed from here.

KONP Doctor Louse Irvine on Anti Cuts Cabaret Platform

posted 24 Nov 2011, 15:47 by Lewisham KONP   [ updated 24 Nov 2011, 15:51 ]

The multi union backed Anti Cuts Cabaret at the Rivoli Ballroom on Thursday 24th November saw Louise speak alongside a number of key local activists such as Martin Powell-Davis from the National Union of Teachers.
Louise left none of the audience in any doubt about the forthcoming effects of Lansley's Health and Social Care Bill if it were to be enacted into law. The very idea of a universal equitable and comprehensive health service from the cradle to the grave through the NHS is under attack from Lansley's bill.
It was made clear that Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) would be a far cry from the cosy idea of GP led services. Companies like United Health America and Price Waterhouse Coopers would be involved in buying healthcare from 'Any Willing Provider' which would essentially be private health companies. Billions will be taken away from being spent on patients to  fund shareholders' profits while transaction costs (the costs of organising operations among other such services) could well rocket from 5% of NHS spending in 1990 to 20 or even 30% of the NHS budget in the future. Louise also mentioned the current market drives in the NHS have already increased transaction costs to 14% of the NHS budget since 2005.
The event was also supported by a Lewisham KONP stall which raised a lot of interest in terms of selling a lot of badges for fundraising & awareness but critically another 38 people signed up to the Lewisham Keep Our NHS Public supporters' database. This means another 38 people on top of our existing supporters' database who want to do something to defend the NHS from privatisation.

100 - 150 People Picket Lansley @ BBC TV Question Time

posted 12 Nov 2011, 07:01 by Lewisham KONP   [ updated 31 Oct 2012, 03:18 ]

The campaign to stop companies like United Health America taking £80 BILLION of YOUR taxes to privatise YOUR NHS while making a massive profit and creating a US style health service moves on apace.


On Thursday 13th October a picket of Lansley, initiated by Lewisham Keep Our NHS Public (Lewisham KONP) at just 36 hours notice, outside the BBC’s flagship programme Question Time attracted widespread support and attention.


Between 100 & 150 people demonstrated outside of the mobile TV studio at Queen Mary University, East London where Question Time was recorded. Lewisham KONP achieved a news stream on The Guardian’s website which you can view from the link Lansley Picket Outside BBC Question Time. On Question Time itself a Lewisham KONP supporter raised a number of points to the panel which Lansley was on. Important points such as the aforementioned £80 billion pounds of tax payer’s money being handed over to United Health America were broadcast to over 3 million people.


The Lewisham KONP initiated picket outside Question Time attracted positive comments from the Deputy Editor to the Evening Standard (who was also on the panel) and from a member of the studio audience both comments were also included in the programme's broadcast!  A flavour of the protest can be seen from the YouTube by clicking here. You can also see a GP on the Question Time panel roasting Lansley through clicking here.


The protest also generated a lot of messages of support to Lewisham KONP from various individuals from London & as far away as Bristol. In the weeks ahead Lewisham KONP will focus on an intervention for the 30th November mass strike, the latest petition to force the House of Commons to re-debate the Heath and Social Care Bill and hopefully a very special event in February 2012.
Keep your eye on Lewisham KONP for the latest  developments in the battle we cannot lose to save our NHS from privatisation and the creation of a US style health market.

Lewisham KONP @ Block Westminster Bridge

posted 11 Oct 2011, 19:10 by Lewisham KONP   [ updated 12 Nov 2011, 06:38 ]

Lewisham KONP took part in UK Uncut's 2,000 plus strong "Block the Bridge" event on Sunday 9th October. Westminster Bridge was closed for several hours due to a multitude of organisations and people who were determined to raise the profile of the dangerous privateer's Health & Social Care Bill. The protest marked an important departure from the lacklustre efforts of the TUC which had previously organised a "candlelit vigil for the NHS". You can see reports of the protest through clicking the links for each respective news organisation below:




The Guardian


Channel 4


Demo Against Lansley at Princess Royal University Hospital, Bromley

posted 3 Aug 2011, 08:30 by Lewisham KONP   [ updated 3 Aug 2011, 08:58 ]

At least 10 demonstrators turned out to greet Lansley on Monday 1st August in Bromley. Activists from Bromley, Greenwich and Lewisham turned out for the lunchtime demo.

Demonstrators didn't manage to see Lansley himself, activists were instead escorted to the edge of the hospital grounds. Placards and the Greenwich KONP banner were however displayed on the main road during the protest. Later on a couple of activists went back into the hospital but were told to leave because they "had been on the demonstration!".
A minor London protest against a high profile figure like Lansley may seem disappointing at first glance. It is however important to bear in mind that firstly the demo wasn't built for apart from an e-mail circular. Secondly, scores of activists were either at work, on a summer break or simply out of town on the day of the protest including the author of this post! Finally, the Lewisham KONP inbox alone received around a dozen notifications within a few days of our circular e-mail (a fraction of our total supporters' database) from health supporters notifying us of their absence or inability to attend for the afore stated reasons.
This gives us an indication of what we should be able to start mobilising from September and shows us all the importance of building sizeable protests in the future: it is easy to "escort" 10 people to the edge of the hospital grounds but far more difficult to move 100 or 200 demonstrators in the same manner from a picket or lobby.

Check out our website!

posted 26 May 2011, 09:43 by Iain Wilson   [ updated 12 Nov 2011, 09:37 by Lewisham KONP ]

Now we have a website, I expect Lansley will be out of office imminently.  We even have a Twitter feed on our homepage, and that wasn't easy.  Come join us and help out - if you have any better ways of defending the NHS.

“The NHS will last as long as there are folk left to fight for it.” Nye Bevan, founder of the NHS

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