Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt was defeated in the High Court on 31st July
over plans to downgrade and close swathes of Lewisham Hospital

but the fight for Lewisham Hospital and our NHS / welfare state is far from over. Download the full flyers for all of these events from Lewisham KONP's Resources page here .

SUPPORT the Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign fundraiser and social event on Friday 27th September. For all details & your fundraiser flyer
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JOIN the 10K cuts and counting protest in remembrance and solidarity for all those devastated by the ConDem's austerity programme.
For all details & your 10K flyer click here.

JOIN the Lewisham coaches to the first national Save Our NHS demonstration outside the Tory Party conference in Manchester on Sunday 29th September. For all details & the demo flyer
click here.
ACTION 4) DEFEND victimised health campaigner and trade unionist Charlotte Munro from Whipps Cross Hospital, London.

A) Show YOUR support by copying and pasting the Unison union statement from the document 'Defend Charlotte Munro Statement' downloadable from here and send via e-mail to: unisonunion@tiscali.co.uk .

B) Download the 'Defend Charlote Munro Petition' PDF file from here then send it to unisonunion@tiscali.co.uk as a scanned document OR return it via post using the address on the above PDF document.

Follow Lewisham KONP on the links below & of course check out the Save Lewisham Hospital website.
The Lewisham KONP Facebook page can be joined from here - you can also read the Save Lewisham Hospital campaign statement posted on our Facebook page which outlines the way forward to save our hospital.
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  See health expert Lucy Reynolds' talk about the imminent destruction of      
  our NHS from
  You can also download the Lewisham KONP and Lambeth KONP insignia from
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Lewisham and Lambeth KONP Resources respectively.


Former GP & Lib Dem peer Baronness Tonge said in October 2011:

"My party is taking part in what I and many of my old NHS colleagues believe is the ultimate destruction of the NHS, that has been and still is the envy of the world. We should be ashamed of this. I am."
Lewisham KONP says...
Remember the founder of the NHS, Nye Bevan's quote:
"the NHS will only last if there are folks left to defend it" 

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